Why is finding the right medication treatment plan so difficult?

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All children with ADHD are NOT the same.

They differ in the specific types and severity of their symptoms. The time of day when symptoms are most intense and responses to both stimulant and non-stimulant ADHD medications can vary greatly.

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All ADHD medications are not the same.

They differ in how long they last, how quickly they begin working, and in the types of symptoms they are most effective in treating.

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Physicians need MORE information.

Finding the best plan is largely dependent on the amount, type and accuracy of information a physician receives during the limited time alotted for an appointment that may only occur every 1 to 2 months. Most parents are not clear on the specific information that they should record about their child's symptoms, nor how often htey should be tracked. And until now, they have lacked a simple and easy way to record this information.

How does MedOptimizer ADHD for Parents help?

MedOptimizer provides a quick and reliable way to record the specific type and amount of information about your child's symptoms, side effects and medications at the required frequency your physician needs to create an individually customized, and thus more effective, treatment plan for your child.

Symply put, MedOptimizer ADHD for Parents will help you find the RIGHT medication at the RIGHT dose at the RIGHT time for your unique child.

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MedOptimizer does not replace the experience and professional judgment of your child's physician. MedOptimizer provides you and your child's doctor with the additional tools and information needed to more accurately monitor and measure your child's progress and response to medication, as well as to more quickly identify the right medication at the right dose at the right time for your child.