Find the right medication at the right dose & time for the task you are doing right now.

Collaborate with your physician using MedOptimizer™ to measure your unique response to medications in real-time in real life.

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Monitor your response to treatment in real time!

MedOptimizer™ allows you to record the types, times, and actual dose amounts of medication you take in real life. You rate your symptoms a few times during the day and and evening and record any side effects. MedOptimzier™ then puts all the information together to create a series of revealing and powerful graphs.

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Share it with your doctor!

MedOptimizer™ graphs allow you and your doctor to track and measure the effectiveness of treatment using data from your real life. Gain valuable insights and actionable information about your unique response to medications based on medication type, dose, timing, environment, and task.

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"This app is perfect! I have learned so much about my child and his ADHD just by using the app. Now I know exactly what to look for and what to discuss with his doctor."

author J.H. Chicago, IL, MedOptimizer ADD/ADHD For Adults